Entrepren’Artiste Webseries Episode 10

As she does every week, our guest star of the mini-series, glass artist Stéphanie Béland, answers two questions:

-the first in connection with the technique used to create her fused glass works: “How do you go about choosing the events you take part in?” “

-the second related to her life as an entrepreneur and artist: “Do you consider yourself more of an entrepreneur or an artist?!”

To find out more, or to purchase one of his works, click here:

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It is with great pleasure and pride that host Stéphania Bélano welcomes as her special guest this week: Christine Thibault, co-owner of Journal Le Nord:

You can find her on her professional page: https://journalinfoslaurentides.com/

“Thank you for sharing the video, liking our page, commenting or even offering Percé-Verre products. Thanks to you, my beautiful business is growing! I’m very grateful!”