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Polar Bear” key ring


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Polar Bear Keyring: Add a Touch of Arctic Softness to Your Everyday Life!

Discover the adorable Polar Bear key ring, a little Arctic wonder to take everywhere with you! Capturing all the magic of these iconic creatures, this key ring brings a touch of adventure and sweetness to your everyday life. With its meticulous detailing and expressive design, it instantly transports you to the icy landscapes of the Far North. Whether in the city or the wilderness, this faithful companion will add a wild touch to your style. Let yourself be seduced by the irresistible charm of the Polar Bear and adopt your very own polar key ring today!

(*Approximate dimensions: 25 mm x 30 mm*)

10 in stock

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Polar Bear Keyring: Add a Touch of Arctic Softness to Your Everyday Life!

Unique discovery :

Discover the Polar Bear key ring! First and foremost, each piece is a unique creation, hand-crafted in fused glass for incomparable craftsmanship. What’s more, these adorable Arctic companions are the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship. In fact, each one has its own personality. What’s more, delicate craftsmanship brings these polar bears to life, capturing their iconic charm to add a touch of character to your keychain.

An Accessory with Character:

The Polar Bear key ring goes beyond its utilitarian function. Indeed, it evokes the majesty of Arctic nature. What’s more, it’s an invitation to explore the vast frozen expanses. Where wild, untamed beauty reigns. Imagine carrying this polar companion with you. It brings a feeling of freshness and calm to every moment of your day. So it’s much more than just an object. In fact, it’s a tangible manifestation of the beauty and tranquility of the Arctic.

Unique design :

Each Polar Bear key ring becomes a work of art, capturing the essence of these iconic creatures in meticulous detail. They evoke scenes of playing in the snow, swimming in icy waters or simply curious observation. Their expressive design transports you to the icy landscapes of the Far North, adding a wild touch to your everyday life.

Durability and charm:

In addition to their charming aesthetics, these key rings are designed to last. Made from quality materials, they stand up to the rigors of everyday life while retaining their Nordic charm. Their compact size makes them convenient to carry around with you, adding a touch of style and personality to your bunch of keys.

The Perfect Gift:

Giving a Polar Bear key ring as a gift is a unique and thoughtful way of expressing your love for nature and animals. Whether for a friend, family member or even yourself, this key ring will bring a touch of the Arctic’s rugged beauty to every day. What’s more, it’s an invitation to celebrate nature and explore the wonders of the world, even in the palm of your hand.


In conclusion, with its ideal dimensions, the Polar Bear key ring is perfectly proportioned to be both aesthetic and functional. Plus, to add a touch of Arctic softness to your life today, this beautiful accessory is perfect. Whether you’re wandering around town or heading off on a remote adventure, this key ring will be your faithful companion. It’s a reminder of the beauty and majesty of the polar regions at every turn.

*Key ring dimensions:

31mm x 33mm approx.


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