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“A work of art in fused glass, a symbol of hope and peace”.

“Glimmer of hope” is a contemporary fused glass art piece depicting a sailboat sailing under a pastel-colored sky, evoking a sense of calm and optimism. This unique work was created using the fused-glass technique, which enables complex patterns to be created by fusing together pieces of glass. The backlighting used for this work highlights its shimmering shades of pastel colors and creates a captivating visual effect.

A stainless steel-style Italian wood frame was used to frame the work, providing a striking contrast with a cement/concrete-style background. This combination gives the whole piece a contemporary look. Multidisciplinary artist Stéphanie Béland has created a unique mural by skilfully blending different materials and technologies to achieve a perfect integration of lighting.

Thanks to an intelligent lighting system, the work can change color infinitely, offering a multitude of customization possibilities. This feature allows the artwork to adapt to the different colors of the integrated lighting, creating a visual that is always captivating and unique. “Lueur d’espoir” is a true masterpiece of art deco, bringing a touch of peace and hope to any environment.



Dimensions: 12 inches x 24 inches


1 in stock

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Dimensions: 12 inches x 24 inches

Sailing towards Hope: An Odyssey in Fused Glass
Journey to the Heart of Serenity

“Glimmer of hope”, a work of art in fused glass, emerges like a lighthouse guiding lost souls through life’s tumultuous ocean. Every detail, every nuance, every reflection tells a story of hope and peace, inviting those who contemplate it to plunge into an ocean of tranquility.

The Voice of Tranquility : A Sailboat under a Pastel Sky

The sailboat Glimmer of hope, majestically represented, symbolizes the voyage, the progress towards a better future. Its sails, inflated by an invisible breeze, suggest fluid progress despite the storms that life’s navigators may encounter. Under a pastel sky, tinged with the tender colors of dawning dawn or soothing twilight, the boat continues on its way, carrying hope and promise.

A Fusion of Art and Technology: Changing Light and Infinite Color

But what makes this work truly captivating is its ability to transcend the simple limits of the material. Using the complex technique of fused glass, the artist has brought to life a world in perpetual motion. The changing reflections, the shimmering nuances that dance with the light, infuse “Lueur d’espoir” with a vibrant, dynamic energy, reminding us that even in immobility, there is constant evolution.

Contemporary frame: Alliance of wood and steel

The choice of frame, a subtle blend of Italian wood and stainless steel, reflects the artist’s contemporary vision. Combined with a cement/concrete background, it creates a striking contrast that draws the eye and underlines the originality of the work. The integration of lighting, a real technical feat, magnifies each element, revealing their hidden beauty and offering a unique visual experience for every eye.

Universal symbol: Reminiscence of Peace and Hope

“Lueur d’espoir” thus goes beyond the simple status of a work of art to become a veritable symbol. A symbol of resilience in the face of hardship, a symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity, but above all a symbol of hope and peace. Whether in a home, office or public space, this creation transcends boundaries to inspire, soothe and bring together those who cross its path.

Conclusion: Shining in the Dark, Illuminating Hearts

In a sometimes tormented world, “Lueur d’espoir” shines its gentle, benevolent light, reminding everyone that even in the deepest darkness, there is always a ray of light to follow towards a better horizon.



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