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On the path of life


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The artwork “Sur le Chemin de la Vie” is a fused glass creation by artist Stéphanie Béland, depicting a couple in a lavender field. Framed in Italian wood with innovative lighting, this contemporary piece blends technology and hand-crafted creativity.

Its generous dimensions of 10″ x 26″ make it possible to fully appreciate the detail and emotion of this romantic scene.

“Sur le Chemin de la Vie” goes beyond a simple work in fused glass, inviting us to explore the beauty of life and love. This remarkable creation captures the imagination and emotions, whether displayed in a contemporary art collection or as a focal point in a modern interior.

1 in stock

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The work of art “Sur le Chemin de la Vie”:

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of “Sur le Chemin de la Vie”. A creation in fused glass depicting a couple in a lavender field, evoking the beauty and gentleness of nature. This unique and resolutely modern artistic piece was designed by multidisciplinary artist Stéphanie Béland.

Innovative frame and illumination :

Framed in Italian wood reminiscent of stainless steel, and highlighted by a cement/concrete-style background. This backlit work in fused glass is a true artistic gem. Thanks to an intelligent lighting system, the glass can change color ad infinitum. What’s more, it’s fully programmable, offering captivating visuals at all times.

This contemporary piece perfectly embodies the union of technology and craftsmanship. It will delight modern art lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. “Sur le Chemin de la Vie” is more than just a piece of fused glass; it’s an invitation to explore the beauty of life and love through a captivating artistic creation.

Dimensions and features :

“On the Path of Life” measures 10 inches by 26 inches, including its frame. This generous size allows us to fully appreciate the details and emotion conveyed by this romantic, contemplative scene in the heart of nature. Every element, from the couple’s features to the nuances of the lavender, is meticulously depicted to immerse the viewer in this spellbinding ambience.

Whether as the centerpiece of a contemporary art collection or as a focal point in a modern interior, “Sur le Chemin de la Vie” is a remarkable work of art that captures both imagination and emotion. Discover this exceptional creation and let yourself be transported by its unique, timeless charm.

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