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Oscar” greeting card


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Discover the “Oscar” greeting card from Percé-Verre’s Art Deco collection. This unique card captures the vibrant essence of Art Deco through a striking depiction of the charming feline. With its bright colors and delicate glass details, “Oscar” evokes a sense of joy and wonder. Offer this card to celebrate special moments with elegance and originality. Find your “Oscar” greeting card today and share art and beauty with those you love.

50 in stock

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Discover the “Oscar” greeting card from Percé-Verre’s Art Deco collection. This card embodies the elegance and magic of Art Deco through a captivating representation of the charismatic feline.

Imbued with the bold, sophisticated spirit of the Art Deco era, the “Oscar” card transports observers into a world of fascination and wonder. Its refined, vibrant design captures the essence of this iconic artistic movement, with its clean lines, geometric patterns and bright colors.

At the heart of this work is Oscar, the charismatic protagonist. His expressive, endearing face, frozen in an elegant pose, evokes an aura of curiosity and grace. Every detail, from the delicate lines of his coat to the subtle nuances of his eyes, is meticulously depicted, testifying to the artist’s talent and skill.

Vivid colors and touches of glass add an extra dimension to this card, capturing the light masterfully and creating an enchanting play of reflections. The effect is both striking and subtle, offering a rich, immersive visual experience.

But “Oscar” isn’t just a greeting card. It’s a true miniature work of art, a celebration of beauty and originality. Each time you send it, you share a piece of this unique artistic universe with those you love, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to every occasion.

Whether for a birthday, a special occasion or simply to express your affection, the “Oscar” greeting card is the perfect choice for those who appreciate art and beauty in every detail. Find your “Oscar” card today and give a gift that will amaze and inspire.


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